Rain Rider cover

Rain Rider is the second collection from David Briggs.

Rain Rider is a book of echoes and allusions, mirrors and reflections: words are signs that keep changing their position, taking new forms, suggesting new ideas, as they recur, recto/verso. Briggs’s vision is essentially ludic and irreverent, whether he’s evoking the plangent nostalgia of the Test Card, conjuring the Devil, or riffing on an artisan perfume. Rain Rider is a book of forms, of thought poured into vessels: it begins with a rain-filled chalice and closes with an upended urn of ashes. Through it all, in a returning sequence, we find archetypal figures – the Fool, the Hermit, the Mariner and Thief – as though running amok in the serifed leading of the typeface.

“Rain Rider is thrillingly wide-ranging, a book of echoes and intricacies where you’re as likely to meet the Devil as the Fool in poem after glittering poem. Briggs has written a mirror maze of a book you could lose yourself in for a very long time indeed.” JACOB POLLEY

Rain Rider is a kind of costume-drama sword fight between the forces of Art and Life, between the metaphorical and the literal, the fantastical and the mundane with a wonderful assortment of characters, landscapes, tastes, voices, vintages and weathers. Whether in the company of a latter day Dorian Gray or a small boy plotting revenge against the mob for an act of cruelty against his father, the reader has a sense of an elaborate game being played, of a system of cosmic interconnections coming apart at the seams and of anachronisms collapsing into modernity. This is a collection full of delight and intrigue.”” ANNIE FREUD


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