“This is seriously good, intelligent poetry for those who like method in their madness.” Clare Pollard


The Method Men is the much anticipated first collection by Eric Gregory Award winner, David Briggs.

Briggs’s work doffs its cap to a wide range of influences, from the Graveyard School to Miroslav Holub, from John Ash to Ted Hughes, from Marianne Moore to Charles Boyle; yet, retains its own distinctive sensibility – a concern with the idiosyncratic strategies we employ in attempting to navigate an ineffable and dangerous, yet quotidian, world. Pylons, the blank pages at the end of a book, an album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, bathrooms, public parks, clowns and teacups are all lit at the edges with a gunsmoke-blue glow by a transform imagination.

The Method Men explores, in a sometimes disarmingly personal way, what Larkin referred to as ‘a style our lives bring with them’ – what we are, and how that came to be.

“What this new book shows is that his sense of poetic vocation has sharpened to the point at which a real kind of poetry makes its way through him, being shaped and shorn with enormous skill, but possessing its own life and duende. This is a powerful, very telling and often moving collection of poems.” DAVID MORLEY

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